On the evening of July 8th, 2024 at 8:10 PM, the Minnesota Twins will go head-to-head with the Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field. Overcast conditions are forecasted which might impact gameplay, adding an intriguing layer to the matchup. The starting pitcher for the Twins remains unannounced, heightening the anticipation, while Chris Flexen, with an ERA of 5.082, will take the mound for the White Sox. In the realm of the 2024 AL Central standings, the Twins are in 4th place boasting 51 wins against 39 losses, reflecting a winning percentage of .567. Their performance within the division includes 17 victories against 12 defeats, positioned second in divisional rankings. The Twins are riding the positive momentum of a two-game win streak, having triumphed in 7 of their previous 10 encounters. Their road record stands at 24-21, while their home record is an impressive 27-18. On the contrary, the White Sox languish at the bottom of the table with a paltry 26 wins and 66 losses, marking a .283 win rate. They’ve struggled in the division, holding a record of 7-23, and are currently on a two-game losing streak. Their underwhelming home record is 16-29, and they fare even poorer on the road with 10 wins to 37 losses. In terms of odds, Minnesota is favored in this matchup. The point spread sits at 1.5 in favor of the Twins, while the over/under for total runs scored by both teams is set at 9.5. The money line odds are -182 for the Twins (away team) and +155 for the White Sox (home team), indicating a substantial advantage for the Twins considering their current form and head-to-head record.