The New York Mets are set to clash with the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field on June 21, 2024. This mid-afternoon game, beginning at 2:20 PM, is predicted to proceed under partially cloudy skies. Leading the pitching for the Mets will be Jose Quintana, who holds an ERA of 4.977. Facing him from the mound for the Cubs will be Shota Imanaga, carrying a significantly lower ERA of 1.895. As of now, the Mets find themselves in 11th position in the 2024 NL East Division standings with a record of 34-37, reflecting a .480 winning percentage. They have a somewhat balanced record within their division at 11-10, securing the 4th spot. Their recent momentum is strong, boasting 8 wins out of their previous 10 games and currently enjoying a 6-game winning streak. At home, the Mets have a record of 18-23, contrasted by a slightly better 16-14 on the road. They have accumulated 16 daytime wins versus 18 in night games, with a total of 327 runs scored and 333 runs allowed. Conversely, the Cubs are positioned 13th in the NL Central with a 34-39 record, equivalent to a .470 winning percentage. They’ve struggled in their division with a 9-17 record, and are currently 5th. Coming off 3 wins in their last 10 outings and a current 2-game losing streak, the Cubs have been stronger at home with a 19-16 record, but weaker on the road at 15-23. Their record shows 14 wins during daytime games as opposed to 20 nighttime victories, having scored 304 runs while conceding 322.