Scheduled for June 5, 2024, at 18:40, the Los Angeles Dodgers are set to meet the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park under expectations of light rain. James Paxton will lead the pitching for the Dodgers, entering the game with a 3.288 ERA. For the Pirates, Paul Skenes will take the mound, boasting a lower ERA of 2.455.

In the standings of the 2024 NL West Division, the Dodgers are second with 38 wins and 24 losses, rendering a winning percentage of 0.61. They lead their division with a record of 13-10 and have taken 5 out of their last 10 games, though they recently faced a defeat. Their strong performance continues on the road with 17 wins against 12 losses. Comparatively, the team shines in night games, tallying 26 victories. The Pirates, despite their 9th place in the 2024 NL Central Division, hold a record of 28 wins to 32 losses. They are ranked fourth in their division with an even split of 7 wins and losses. Recent games have seen a slight improvement, winning 5 of their last 10, and they show more confidence playing day games with 17 wins.

Focusing on the anticipated odds, the point spread favors the Dodgers by 1.5, with an over/under set at 8.5. In terms of money line betting, the Dodgers are slightly favored with an AwayTeamMoneyLine of -102, whereas the Pirates hold a HomeTeamMoneyLine of -116. These close odds suggest a potentially tight contest where any slight edge could turn the scales.