On the 11th of May, 2024, an exciting MLB encounter is scheduled as the Philadelphia Phillies visit the Miami Marlins at loanDepot Park, with the first pitch at 4:10 PM under clear skies. Taijuan Walker is set to lead the Phillies with his current ERA of 6.395, though the Marlins have yet to announce their starting pitcher.

In the NL East Division standings of 2024, the Phillies lead with a commendable record of 27 wins and 12 losses, reflecting a winning percentage of .690. They have also maintained a divisional record of 4-3. Recently, the team has displayed robust form, securing 8 wins in their last 10 matchups and currently riding a single-game winning streak. With a solid home record of 15-7 and an impressive 12-5 in away games, the Phillies are a formidable opponent. Their performance across day and night games varies, with 10 day wins compared to 17 at night, while scoring 199 runs and conceding 141.

Conversely, the Marlins are grappling at the bottom of the standings, ranked 15th with a 10-30 record, and a winning percentage of just .250. They have struggled within their division, managing only a 1-10 record. Their recent form isn’t encouraging either, with only 4 wins in their last 10 games and currently on a four-game losing streak. The Marlins have a 5-16 home record and a slightly better 5-14 on the road. Offensively, they’ve accumulated 145 runs, but have allowed a whopping 230 runs defensively.

In terms of betting odds, the Phillies enter the game as favorites with a spread of -1.5 and an over/under set at 7.5. The money line sees the Marlins at +110, presenting a slightly risky but potentially rewarding bet, while the favored Phillies stand at -132. These odds suggest a close game, with expectations leaning towards a lower-scoring affair, likely influenced by the pitching performances and recent team forms.