On the evening of May 6, 2024, at 7:40 PM, the San Diego Padres are slated to challenge the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field under scattered clouds. Yu Darvish will take the pitcher’s mound for the Padres, carrying a solid ERA of 3.453. For the Cubs, Shota Imanaga will counter, impressing with an ERA of 0.779.

The Padres currently sit 13th in the 2024 NL West Division, with a record of 14-18, reflecting a winning percentage of 0.44. In divisional play, they rank 4th with an 8-8 tie. Their latest form is less encouraging, winning only 3 of their last 10 matches and currently enduring a 5-game losing streak. At home, they have a record of 6-12, whilst their away game record shows a slightly better 8-6. They have won 6 daytime encounters compared to 8 nighttime victories, having scored 151 runs and conceded 157 in total.

In contrast, the Chicago Cubs hold the 4th spot in the 2024 NL Central Division with a healthier 18-11 record, which translates to a 0.62 win percentage. They are leading their division with no intra-division games played yet. Recently, the Cubs have found success, securing 6 wins in their last 10 outings and are currently enjoying a 1-game winning streak. Their home performance stands at 10-3, balanced by an 8-8 road record. Like the Padres, they’ve won an equal number of day and night games, at 9 each. The Cubs have amassed 147 runs and allowed 131 runs defensively.